Carrera's extraordinary adventure began way back in 1956 and the passion behind the brand has been rewarded with an uninterrupted string of successes ever since. With the latest generation technology and up-to-the-minute design, it takes urban style and tinges it with the brand's sporting heritage, blending Carrera's two core components to perfection

CA8817 PMZ

1,140.00 Kn

CA8801 TRD

990.00 Kn

CA6631 003

1,060.00 Kn

CA6171 8C8

770.00 Kn

CA5514 0PB

990.00 Kn

CA5506 BD3

840.00 Kn

CA6617 0QT

1,100.00 Kn

CA6618 807

990.00 Kn

CA7588 KU0

920.00 Kn

CA7579 7M5

920.00 Kn

CA7571 WZR

830.00 Kn

CA7570 WZH

890.00 Kn