Celine Sunglasses are the epitome of class with their French luxury, fashionable edge, and incomparable quality. Designed for strong woman with attitude, this range of eyewear is assured to have you standing out in the crowd for all the right reasons.

CL 41398S 807 W2

2,300.00 Kn

CL 41076S GKY PP

2,050.00 Kn


CL 41026S FU5 5I

1,930.00 Kn

CL 41026S FU9 DV

1,990.00 Kn-20%1,592.00 Kn

CL 41755S F4J 1E

2,060.00 Kn-30%1,442.00 Kn

CL 41049S 807 XM

2,060.00 Kn

CL 41068S M23 BW

2,020.00 Kn-20%1,616.00 Kn