Chloé is a sisterhood brand with a female friendly spirit. The Chloé brand values such as femininity, modernity, free-spirited, grace and effortlessness are the core characteristic that build the brand and shape the eyewear collection. Chloé eyewear mimics the ready to wear collection. The eyewear uses a mix of brand iconic elements such as soft materials, round shapes, and warm and sandy shades. Each style plays with shape and volume ranging from retro to aviation, oversized to timeless.

CHLOE 120S 731

2,400.00 Kn-20%1,920.00 Kn

CHLOE 120S 724

2,600.04 Kn

CHLOE 114S 737

2,800.00 Kn

CHLOE 114S 733

2,380.00 Kn